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Outburst Loser Online Release

Outburst Loser Black and Lemon

We debuted these beautiful releases by coarse at SDCC a couple weeks ago, but made sure to plan an online release as well so everyone that wants one could, hopefully, get one!

Omen Outburst Loser - Black and Omen Outburst Loser - Lemon will be available to order via on Thursday, July 23 at 9:59am Central Time for $99 each.

Limit one of each per customer and shipping in 1-2 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: We’re sorry, but for collectors in Asia, please contact your local dealers about obtaining the Omen Outburst Loser Black or Lemon. Stores in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan & Singapore will be receiving inventory in addition to Rotofugi. Online sales of this item from Rotofugi Limited are limited to collectors outside of Asia. Thanks for your understanding.

It's Goga Time!


Whether you're a hardcore Goga collector, or just hoping to get your is time to rejoice! To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Anraku Ansaku's first figure, Medicom and AA have teamed up to release two new Gogamezillas so that every sofubi fan can add this beautiful sculpt to their collection! 

These two Gogamezillas (Green and Blue) will be available to pre-order starting Thursday, July 23 at 10am Central Time (Midnight 7/24 in Tokyo) for $189 each. No limits, and available via open pre-order until 8/30/15. Figure stands 11 inches tall. Design by Anraku Ansaku, produced by Medicom.

Big Whoop

Big Whoop

Big Whoop
A Collaborative Drawing Project by Travis Millard & Michael Sieben
July 17-August 9, 2015

In 2005, Travis Millard & Michael Sieben became friends via the US Post Office. The two of them mailed drawings back and forth, working on them collaboratively and ultimately creating a zine titled "Hitten Switches" which was published by Volcom in 2006. Ten years later, they decided to revisit this concept, each of them starting ten drawings which were mailed out and finished by the recipient. The collection serves to celebrate friendship and collaboration, and will hopefully be a reminder that in this digital age that it's nice to take a break from your screens, jot something down on paper and mail it to a buddy. If it fails to accomplish any of these goals, Big Whoop.

Generously sponsored by Volcom and Industry Print Shop



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