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Because of the limited nature of the items we sell we will sometimes place a limit on the number of a specific item that any one person may order.
All of our limits are "per person and/or household"...what that means is that you may not purchase more than the limit stated (usually one) even if you have the items shipped to different addresses OR to different names at the same address. You might be tempted to circumvent this policy, but if we determine that one person is placing multiple orders, the end result will be cancellation of all orders for that person or persons. The following criteria may be utilized to determine if a party is attempting to circumvent product limits:

  • Name 
  • Shipping Address
  • Billing Address
  • Email Address
  • Originating IP Address of Order

The purpose for this policy is to insure that collectors have a fair shot at purchasing items that are potentially difficult to obtain. We want to discourage those wishing to purchase multiple copies of one item that is in heavy demand for the sole purpose of re-selling that item. The practice often called "flipping" makes it difficult and costly for collectors to obtain items and does not benefit the designer toy community as a whole but, on the contrary, drives up prices to the point that many collectors feel that it is no longer fun to collect toys. When it's no longer fun to collect toys, everyone suffers.

I'm sure there are people that will vehemently disagree with this policy and even more that will support our decision to try to make toy collecting both fair and fun. We welcome your comments via email. Thanks!


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