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What is "Hold for Later Delivery" and how does it work?

When you check out, one of options you can choose on the cart page right before you check out will be "Hold for Later Delivery." If you choose that option we will reserve the items in your order and hold onto them until you tell us to ship them, at which time we will provide you with a shipping quote.

Why would you want to do that? Well....a lot of our international customers use it to combine several small orders over a period of time into one shipment to save on shipping costs. Or maybe you're moving and don't know your new address yet, but want to make sure an item doesn't sell out before you are ready to give that new address. Two great reasons to choose "Hold for Later Delivery!"

When you are ready for your order or orders to be shipped just drop us an email and tell us you're ready and we'll send you a quote for shipping. Pay up the shipping and your order(s) will be on their way! Thanks!


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