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Promo Image for Vampires vs. Unicorns: Floor Wars Tournament and Signing with Travis Lampe

Vampires vs. Unicorns: Floor Wars Tournament and Signing with Travis Lampe

Vampires vs Unicorns Graphic

We hope you can join us the evening of Friday, January 19, 6-9pm for what should be a pretty fun night! 

We’re excited to be collaborating with Yumfactory Games to host a tournament for their hot-off-the-presses game VAMPIRES vs. UNICORNS: Floor War! There’s no entry fee and no experience necessary to play. And yes, there will be prizes! 

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also have contributing artist Travis Lampe at the event to sign copies of the game (we’ll have copies available to purchase) and we will also have complimentary adult bevarages from Small Town Brewery, makers of the delicious “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” and “Not Your Father’s Mountain Ale.”

About VAMPIRES vs. UNICORNS: Floor War

It’s time to CHOOSE YOUR SIDE!
Will you lead the fierce blood snob VAMPIRES or perhaps throw down with a herd of obnoxious UNICORNS?

VAMPIRES vs. UNICORNS: Floor War is a hillariously fun throwing card game with unexpected results, featuring fantastic hand painted tile art by Travis Lampe and Travis Louie suitable for framing!

Draw from your deck of cards to raise the dead, cause a unicorn stampede, and more! It’s up to you to find the best throwing technique to destroy your opponent’s floor tiles, but, like, beware! As not all tiles are the same!
It’s horn vs. tooth, hoof vs. claw! It's a game that is durable, playable, then frameable. 

Game designed by Jim Dubois and Attaboy, based on an original concept by Jim Dubois. Produced by Yumfactory Games.

About Travis Lampe

Travis Lampe grew up in a small town in Kansas. After earning a degree in Graphic Design, he took a job in advertising as an art director in Chicago. While making ads for breakfast cereals and well known purveyors of inexpensive furniture over a period of several years, he secretly began “developing his illustration style,” which is not the same thing as “procrastinating.” Finally, when he felt the world was ready, he began his slow explosion onto the art and illustration scene, as it were. He currently lives and works in Chicago.


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