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Cancan - Ignited Release

coarse cancan ignited

Rest easy, cancan – ignited is here to protect you in the night. 

Standing almost 10’’ tall, cancan – ignited comes in tones of tropical pink and glow-in-the-dark ivy. He will look out for you while you sleep, as his watchful eyes stay open and his talons remain clenched, ready to pounce at anything that gets in his way.

cancan – ignited will fly safely to your door in a color-printed gift box and embedded in black sponge. If those long nights make him nostalgic for home, take him to the nearest garden and let him imagine he hears the voices of other cancans.

cancan - ignited will be available to order at both and on August 22, 2016 at 10:59 am CDT for $149 (it is eligible for free shipping within the US if ordered from

If you are located outside the United States, it may be best for you to order from coarse directly as pieces ordered directly from coarse will ship from Hong Kong and include free global shipping.

Please Note:

We have some stock of the cancan - ignited on hand in Chicago that was shipped in for the opening of coarse’s cold ways exhibit in our gallery, and we will be selling additional pieces as a pre-order, so you will find two items for this release on our online store. If the “in stock” item is showing as sold out and you order as a pre-order, we anticipate receiving the additional stock in mid- to late- September, if not sooner.  See the listings on our website here.

Thanks and let us know if you have any questions!

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Remaining Stock Back from SDCC plus Konatsu

We've got our remaining stock back from SDCC now and will release it on our online store this coming Monday, August 1 at 8pm Central Time. We'll have the Fluffy House, Chima Group and Uamou releases, most in limited supply.

Also releasing this coming Monday evening at 8pm Central Time, this fantastic Innocent x Negora Rainbow Set by Mai Nagamoto x Konatsu and new Dream Fantasy glow in the dark Negoras and Migoras, also by Konatsu.

Note: These items as well as the majority of the SDCC releases are not currently listed on our website but will be listed in advance of the release on Monday. Please check our new arrivals or home page.


A quick note about our cart system...

When we originally released the Fluffy House pieces we had reserved for online release we had a lot of feedback from customers that even though the item page showed stock available, when buyers reached the checkout, they were told that the inventory was not available.

Our store is on the Shopify platform, and it's one of the idiosyncrasies of their cart that inventory is only reduced when a buyer completes checkout, but it is "held" for 5 minutes for the buyer when they start the checkout procedure.

The result is as described above. If you reach the checkout and are told that no inventory is available, it is because it is "held" by other buyers who have already started to check out. You've basically been beat to the punch, as frustrating as that can be.

What does that mean for you? If you are buying an item that you suspect might sell out quickly, the best way to reserve your purchase is to immediately proceed to the checkout after adding the item to your cart.  To do so, either click the View Cart link that pops up after you add an item to your cart, or click the cart icon near the top right of the page, then click "Proceed to Checkout." It's no guarantee that you'll score that hot release, but we hope it helps a little!

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O Hai!

Designed and Sculpted by Chris Ryniak and produced by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi, the Figgle Bits are three cuter than cute little monsters ready to invade your heart! We'll have a new color available on our online store starting this coming Tuesday, October 13. Stay tuned for further details.


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Candy Corn Jerome

No matter where you fall on the great Candy Corn Debate, there's no denying that this is a sweet toy!

This hand-painted version of the 4-inch tall vinyl figure was designed by Frank Kozik and produced by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi. Jerome is articulated in one place (at the cone) and, should you want him to kick his smorkin' habit, comes with a completely removable smork accessory!

Candy Corn Jerome is a limited and numbered edition of 50 pieces, 25 of which will be available exclusively from Clutter Magazine's NYCC booth #603 with the remainder being released on on Tuesday, October 13th for those that can't make it to NYCC.

Get yourself a sweet seasonally-appropriate treat for only $19.95!

Thanks Rotofugi Secret Agent Man Edward Gielow for the color way idea!

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Want Some Ice Cream?

Our collaboration with Frank Kozik and Squibbles Ink is now available to order on the online store!

Meet Jerome, a classic Frank Kozik Smorkin' Monger design, reborn in deliciously soft vinyl. Jerome is articulated in one place, at the cone, and comes with a removable smork in case you prefer him to kick the habit (smoking is bad).

Jerome is 4 inches tall, limited to 500 pieces in this color and priced at $15.95.

Posted Jul 22, 2015 by Kirby Kerr 0
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