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Sonny Angel Swap Meet

The US is currently losing it's collective mind over the cute cherub from Japan, Sonny, y'all, we are having a hard time keeping them in stock, and we're really trying. We just keep ordering more and more, and we still run out as fast as they can be imported from Japan.

We know that y'all probably have duplicates you'd like to trade with other collectors, and it's been a hot minute since we had a trading, load up all your extra Sonny Angels and head to the store on Sunday, April 30th, 12noon-2pm for our very first Sonny Angel Swap Meet!

We'll have tables set up so you can spread out and show what you have for trade, name tags so you can make frens, free soft drinks and water, and probably some candy because Sonny is SO SWEET! 💙

And JUST IN CASE you still need some Sonny Angels, we are reserving a relatively small portion of our current stock of Sonny Angels JUST for this event! Chances are that we'd sell out before the Swap Meet if we don't — and we want folks that are new to the gloriously naked angel baby from Japan to have a chance to join in the fun too!

Sonny Angel Swap Meet Rules
1. Setup Starts at 11:30 — Trading at 12 Noon
2. No Selling — Trades Only Please
3. Be Nice — No One Likes a Meanie
4. Sonnys We Are Selling May be Limited

See you on April 30th at 2780 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago!

Rotofugi is an LGBTQ+ Safe Space 🏳️‍🌈


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