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Promo Image for Resin Cats by Grumble Toy for SDCC 2016

Resin Cats by Grumble Toy for SDCC 2016


We've already announced the Grumble Toy Chubby Tough exclusive for SDCC, but we're now letting the other cat(s) out of the bag, so to speak!

These lovely resin 4 inch tall Cats in two different styles by Grumble Toy (Chris Bryan and Ainslie Sturko) are cast in resin and then individually hand painted. So cool!

The Cats will be available at SDCC Booth 5248, Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi, for $50 each, tax included. Any that remain after the convention will be made available on approximately 1 week later.

Thanks and stay tuned for more SDCC release info!


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