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Non-Essential Saturdays, A Proposal

For about the last decade there’s been a movement to support small retailers as shopping has moved online and to mega-businesses like Amazon, but now we face an even bigger hurdle to our survival: being “non-essential.”

I firmly support the closure of our store to the public during this time. The survival of our business is NOT more important than the health of even one person, but being “non-essential” during a pandemic doesn’t mean we aren’t essential to the communities we serve day in and day out.

I’m proposing, for the time being, that Saturdays will be “Non-Essential Saturdays” … it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but you get what I mean.

This Saturday, and every one until stores can re-open (however long that may be) give some love to the small “non-essential” retailers in your town that you’d be lost without and maybe, just maybe, they’ll still be there when the dust settles.

In short, please support the stores that are essential to YOU.

How do you support a business that is closed? It’s a fair question. Many of us operate both a physical retail location and an online store. But if the store you’d like to support doesn’t have online shopping, check their website or social media and see if they’re selling gift certificates or taking donations…or pick up the phone or write an email and see if you can help.

It’s not a perfect solution, but if YOU support the things you love, it will make a difference. Thank you.

Kirby Kerr
Owner/Gallery Director

Thanks to Eric Nakamura at Giant Robot for his Facebook post that provided the seed of this idea. Eric’s store in Los Angeles, like ours in Chicago, is currently closed to the public but continues to sell online.

PLEASE SHARE, and if you or anyone you know can help amplify this message we would appreciate it!

The Non-Essential Saturday graphic and slogan, “Please support the stores that are essential to you,” are shared with a CC0 License. You are free to use these elements to promote your business with no restrictions. Good luck and stay safe!


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