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Magical Girls by Brett Manning

Magical Girls
New Works by Brett Manning
July 8-August 7, 2016

Join us the evening of Friday, July 8, 7-10pm for the opening of a side gallery exhibit by Indiana-based artist Brett Manning.

We're excited to share this wonderful collection of paintings and prints with you from a talented new addition to our roster of exhibiting artists.

Here's some words from Brett about the exhibit:

I created this group of work based on real people I know, admire, or see online almost everyday. These girls range in exceptional talents; some are painters, musicians, teachers, or fashionable in unique and inspiring ways, and others are just kind, commendable souls who encourage me and others to keep creating. Magical Girls do what they want and live to spread positivity. They are open minded, humble, and seek no approval. They are kind to each other, but also have the strength and wisdom to know when and when not to fight.

The girls I have drawn and painted have been elevated to magic wielding super humans. They might be awkward, eat all the cupcakes, drink too much coffee, have crooked smiles, be shy to a fault, or trip over their own feet, but they all harbor something immensely powerful and otherworldly within. 

This collection was also heavily inspired by my love of anime, especially Sailor Moon and her fantastic, supportive squad of scouts. Mixing all that with vibrant pastel colors, patterns, and subtle symbolism developed from my own personal mythologies, this series has a very dream-like, idealist, and undoubtably sentimental feeling. But for me, sentiment, passion, and intimacy are themes I enjoy depicting. They are also themes that tend to be bashed for being "too feminine" or having no place in the world of "high art" … and that's exactly why I strive to paint them. 

This collection is dedicated to all the real life Magical Girls in the world.

– Brett Manning, 2016

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