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June Exhibit: Atomik

Midwest Style Graffiti

New Works by ATOMIK
June 18-July 10, 2022

Get ready for some fresh squeezed awesomeness from legendary Miami-based writer ATOMIK who rolls through with some Midwest Style Graffiti for a new show in our gallery this month!

Join us beginning Saturday, June 18 at 10am for in-person viewing or sign up at for first opportunity to purchase online (in this case it will likely be after the opening date, though we'll be shooting to have it ready ASAP).

Exhibit continues through July 10 at Rotofugi, 2780 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago and will be viewable online at

About the Artist

Atomik is a 100 percent Miami artist. Atomik, trained in graphic design, is a big name in the Miami art scene. The graffiti legend, part of the infamous MSG crew, a group of local graffiti heroes, has been painting the city for quite some time.

While growing up in the emerging Miami graffiti scene of the 80’s, Atomik witnessed for himself at a young age what would later become his profession. Famous for his iconic orange character which emerged as a response to the demolition of the Miami Orange Bowl, the artist also marks the walls of Miami with his sleek hand-styles, graffiti and lettering.

While painting for almost 20 years, Atomik’s playful characters and hand styles have become as much a symbol of Miami as palm trees or neon lights. His unmistakable orange character has been placed all over the world bringing a piece of Miami to places such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Australia, Korea, and Thailand.

His studio pieces on media ranging from canvas to paper as well as found objects like street signs, directly reflect his street work and usually feature his ubiquitous orange character. Atomik currently lives and works in Miami.


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