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Promo Image for June Exhibit: Atom Basham

June Exhibit: Atom Basham

Dungeons & Drag Queens
New Works by Atom Basham
June 19-July 11, 2021

For June we're wrapping up a three-show run of some of our favorite Chicago-based artists with a new show by Atom Basham!

Atom's world of monsters, freaks, outcasts and aliens is full of color and humor, all rendered expertly in a dense illustrative style — we can't wait to show you what he's been up to!

Works will be available first to members of our previews email list...sign up at to receive an email when works are available — we try to have a preview out a day or two before an exhibit opens.

For those in Chicagoland, the exhibit will be open for viewing and sales beginning Saturday, June 19, 10am-6pm, at 2780 N. Lincoln Ave., however, we are being cautious and will not be holding an opening reception.

Dungeons & Drag Queens continues through July 11th and the gallery is open for viewing at 10am-6pm daily, or view online at

About the Artist

Atom Basham is an illustrative painter based in Chicago's historic Flat Iron Arts Building, in a work studio/gallery open to the public seven days a week. His painting style, generally done in acrylic and ink, attempts to tell tiny self-contained stories reminiscent of children's book illustrations, though with a darker slice of humor where the main characters often get eaten.

He takes his day to day inspirations from books, fellow artists, toys, films, and a constant obsession with '80s pop culture. When he's not hard at work in his studio, he can usually be found trying to figure out what one of his boston terriers have just swallowed.


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