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July/August Exhibit: Hori Miso

We are excited to be welcoming back Chicago-based artist Hori Miso for his second solo exhibit in our gallery, opening Saturday, July 23rd!

In 2020, Hori Miso brought us Robots, Samurai and the Inbetween...but he's back for an all new show of original works titled Wabi Sabi! Based on the Japanese concept of finding beauty in imperfection, the new show features 15 new paintings on canvas and paper. Bring a little Wabi Sabi to your home!

Wabi Sabi
New Works by Hori Miso
July 23-August 14, 2022

Join us beginning Saturday, July 23at 10am for in-person viewing or sign up at for first opportunity to purchase online.

Exhibit continues through August 14 at Rotofugi, 2780 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago and will be viewable online at


About the Artist / Artist Statement

“Growing up in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, I have always been drawn to the pulse of the city. My primary focus is wheat-pasting, applying an image, usually on a public space, with homemade paste. I have expanded mediums to canvas work and murals, but I enjoy wheat-pasting the most because of it’s organic, temporal nature. The lifespan of my wheat-pasted pieces is unpredictable…some fade with grace while other are gone too soon, but either way I try to compliment the landscape they call home. Wheat-pasting allows me to put an idea to paper, bring it to life with paint, and share it by choosing just the right location to provide context. The application process allows me to literally get my hands dirty and contribute to the sights and sounds of the city.”

“My self-taught work is influenced by pop culture, hip hop, Tokyo street art and the Japanese aesthetic. While my work can currently be seen around the city of Chicago, I’ve had the opportunity to wheat-paste in some of my favorite spots in Tokyo, leaving behind a little of myself in a place that’s given me so much.“


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