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January Exhibit: Chris RWK / RobotsWillKill


Paintings in the Hue of Forever
New Works by ChrisRWK / Robots Will Kill
January 15-February 13, 2022

We kick off our 2022 exhibition schedule with a banger!

New York-based ChrisRWK (Robots Will Kill) has spent the last two decades and then some building and conceptualizing his own graffiti-flavored visual language — one that he frequently employs to spread messages of love, hope, and perseverance.

Join us beginning Saturday, January 15 at 10am for in-person viewing of the 40 new works on canvas prepared by ChrisRWK for his first Chicago solo exhibit!

We will, unfortunately, not be holding an opening reception due to ongoing concerns about coronavirus — and our space in Chicago strictly requires all staff and patrons to be masked.

Members of our gallery previews email list will get first opportunity to purchase. To receive the email sign up at

Paintings in the Hue of Forever continues through Sunday, February 13 at Rotofugi, 2780 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago and will also be viewable at shortly after the exhibit begins.

About the Artist

A child of the 70’s into the 80s, ChrisRWK’s world was often completely flooded with the imagery and ideas presented by his television, his comic books, and the music and movies of the time. Immersed in these various mediums, ChrisRWK began to store the images brought forward though these everyday experiences in what he refers to as a "mental journal". This journal was a haven of his thoughts that he could refer back to whenever necessary. ChrisRWK’s paintings frequently cite past conceptions of popular culture embedded in his psyche's cache.

This use of intertextuality also serves to offer a comfort or familiarity of sorts to the viewer. ChrisRWK’s works frequently reveal everyday musings and people one would pass on the street without looking or thinking about twice. These images also aid ChrisRWK in the creation of a visual language comprised of his own iconographic imagery. Through the repetition of this imagery, ChrisRWK strives to familiarize his viewers with the language he has constructed. ChrisRWK believes that the notions within his pieces serve as a backbone to the many stories created by the onlooker when he or she is viewing the work.

In 2001 ChrisRWK set in motion Robots Will Kill is an arts site dedicated to community and exposure for artists/media often disregarded by the mainstream art world. Rather than featuring his own work exclusively, he opened it up to allow the possibility for it to become whatever it evolved into being. ChrisRWK has used this interaction and collaboration with artists to help develop his artwork in new ways.
Over the years ChrisRWK’s imagery has become quickly identifiable and familiar to many people. He is trying to evoke more stories in people's minds everyday.


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