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January Exhibit: Brett Manning

The Endless Gloaming

New Works by Brett Manning
January 16-February 14, 2021

We are beyond pleased to be welcoming Indiana-based artist Brett Manning back to our gallery walls for a solo exhibit opening on January 16. We first showed Brett’s work in 2016, in an exhibit titled “Magical Girls,” and she’s been very busy since then building a following for her otherworldly magical art and the “spooky things” that she is compelled to make.

The exhibit will be open for viewing and sales beginning Saturday, January 16, 10am-6pm, but we are being cautious and will not be holding an opening reception.

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The gallery is open for viewing at Rotofugi, 2780 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, 10am-6pm daily, or view online at

Artist’s Statement

My friends! The truth is out! It has never been more evident than now! Clutch those blankets close to your chest and hear me…NO! Hear us!

That warm woven security you have draped around your soft body is not quite the protection you’ve been led on to believe – it is more. It is your ritual garb. The veil is not parting, oh no! She quickly decays around us! Crumbling to bits, heralding the return of the Old Ones…the ancient and forgotten deities climb from their hidden holes within caves and mountains, they emerge with ferocity and grace from the great mysterious hills and mounds of grass and stone which scatter our world. They are born from every plume of dancing smoke, man-made or otherwise.

They have been watching and listening patiently to our cries, but for how long you might wonder? However long it has taken our collected tears to create an ocean…their return not only approaches, but it is here, now! Make way! Leave cake and milk by your front door, ring bells and light candles! Sing and dance if you feel the call! Do not fear! Celebration and respect is all they demand for their Glorious Reprise so don your magickal garb and join in on the festivities! The time of renewal is now, friends! Daytime greets the Night, old flows into new, our worlds collide!

Embrace the Endless Gloaming, dearest friends, the glittering, all encompassing spectrum of The Everything warmly envelops us!

— Brett Manning, 2021


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