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January Exhibit: Betso!

We're kicking off a new year of exhibits with a solo show by an artist we've long's Betso!

Betso, also known as Bil BetsOviC, is a name that is probably really familiar to you if you've been around the designer toy scene for long. A self-taught artist from Las Vegas (currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah) with interests in cartoons, graffiti, and animals, Betso started appearing in custom toy shows in 2006 and has consistently produced some amazing customs for the last 18 years. A design by Betso, based on one of his customs, was featured in Kidrobot's 2011 Dunny Series.

For the past several years Betso has focused primarily on traditional media and murals (along with an occasional custom toy) and has been exploring various aspects of pop culture icons in an evolution of style and technique that has become increasingly abstract. For his solo show with us, Betso is presenting "Full Circle," a series of 38 acrylic and resin on wood paintings (all circular) that feature his most ambitious abstractions of pop culture icons to date!

This series seems, to us, to be as much about about exploring the style and visual iconography associated with cartoon characters as it is about the characters themselves — the result is a really mesmerizing series of fun new works that look like they could be cartoon characters from another world — perhaps one that is fond of hallucinogenics, lol!

Full Circle
New Works by Betso
January 13-February 11, 2024
Open 10am-6pm Daily

Please Note: We are currently behind on online listings for our gallery exhibits and, as such, there will not be an online preview for this exhibit...however, if you sign up at you *will* receive an email notification when works from this and our previous three exhibits are available for online purchase.


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