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Promo Image for Grumble Toys Chubby Tough for SDCC 2016

Grumble Toys Chubby Tough for SDCC 2016

Chubby Tough may be made of Japanese vinyl, but his heart and soul are pure Canadian...and based on his girth, we think he might be hitting Tim Hortons for donuts quite frequently! 

Designed and produced by Chris Bryan and Ainslie Sturko (aka Grumble Toys from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), Chubby Tough stands 3.5 inches tall and has three points of articulation. The clear pink version is a limited edition of just 10 pieces.

This release will be available at SDCC Booth 5248 for $40 (tax included). Any stock that remains after the convention will be made available on about one week after the end of the show.

Lots more SDCC release info to come!


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