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Cold Ways Lottery Followup

If you had in entry in the lottery to purchase items from the coarse cold ways exhibition check your emails now....we've just finished sending out notifications to everyone who was chosen at random.
I'm sorry, we will not be emailing everyone who entered, only those who were chosen.
If anyone is interested in how we do lottery drawings….every entry is assigned a number based on when you completed your entry form, and we use to generate a random number sequence equal to the number of entries - selecting the first X number of entries based upon the amount of a given item that is available to sell. 
For example, we had 225 entries that expressed an interest in purchasing the cold ways collection…and we had 17 sets available to sell. Each entry was assigned a number between 1 and 225, and then using the Sequence Generator at we generated a random order of those numbers, and the first 17 entrants were chosen.
Thank you and I sincerely hope luck was on your side!


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