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Blue Figgle Bits by Chris Ryniak for SDCC 2016

Blue Figgle Bits by Chris Ryniak

We were beginning to think we'd never reach the end...but here we are, the last, but certainly not least of our SDCC announcements...Blue Figgle Bits by Chris Ryniak!

Gubble, Fibbly and Plopp are here to bring some delightfully chubby big-eyed cute monster fun to your life! Designed and sculpted by Cleveland-based artist Chris Ryniak, and produced by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi. Editions of 200 of each character have been made in this delightful blue color. Made of rotocast vinyl and packaged in a bag with header card.

Get your new Figgle Bit buddies at SDCC Booth 5248, Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi, for $14 each (tax included) or order online at for $12.95 each, starting Wednesday, July 20 at 8pm Central Time.

That's it, see you in San Diego if you were lucky enough to get tickets, or online at, where you're always lucky! 

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