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Outburst Loser Online Release

Outburst Loser Black and Lemon

We debuted these beautiful releases by coarse at SDCC a couple weeks ago, but made sure to plan an online release as well so everyone that wants one could, hopefully, get one!

Omen Outburst Loser - Black and Omen Outburst Loser - Lemon will be available to order via on Thursday, July 23 at 9:59am Central Time for $99 each.

Limit one of each per customer and shipping in 1-2 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: We’re sorry, but for collectors in Asia, please contact your local dealers about obtaining the Omen Outburst Loser Black or Lemon. Stores in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan & Singapore will be receiving inventory in addition to Rotofugi. Online sales of this item from Rotofugi Limited are limited to collectors outside of Asia. Thanks for your understanding.


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