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DIY BOXCAT by Rato Kim - Red Rotofugi Exclusive

DIY BOXCAT by Rato Kim - Red Rotofugi Exclusive

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  • Brand: Discordia Merchandising
  • Artist: Rato Kim (KR)
  • Height: 5 inches
  • Pre-Order: Estimated Delivery August/September 2018

DIY BOXCAT is an adorable new vinyl art toy platform, an original design from Korean artist Rato Kim that's licensed, produced, and developed by Discordia Merchandising. Made of rotocast vinyl, it is completely hollow, and light weight. Perfect for handling, painting, sculpting and carving upon!

The Red DIY BOXCAT is a Rotofugi Exclusive version, limited to 20 pieces!*

"We can gain a great inspiration sometimes from something small and plain." -RATO KIM

Images are a color may vary slightly.

* plus samples for the artist and manufacturer.


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