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Yep, we moved.

Not the actual store this time, just the online store.

So even though you might have had an account on the old online store, we're sorry to say you'll have to make a new one again. It's a bummer, we know, but we hope the speed, stability and security of this new online store hosted by the fine folks at Shopify will make up for the hassle.

If you've got pending pre-orders or hold for later delivery orders, your orders are still safe...we've saved all the data related to your orders and will either a) ship your pre-orders when they arrive or b) continue to hold onto your held items until you tell us you're ready to ship.

Of course, if you need an update or just confirmation that your orders are safe, feel free to drop us an email with as much info as you have (ideally your name, email address on your order and your order number(s)) and we'll get right back to you. Thanks!

All the best to you from Kirby, Whitney & the Entire Rotofugi Crew



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