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Good evening friends and supporters of Rotofugi,

Last night, the Mayor of Chicago issued a new Stay-at-Home Advisory for the city that will take affect this coming Monday, November 16.

Coronavirus cases are on the rise nationwide, and Chicago has not been immune to these increases. However, this advisory differs from the order issued in March that required non-essential businesses such as ours to close.

After a lot of deliberation and listening to the concerns of my staff, I’ve come to the decision that our store will remain open our normal hours, 10am-6pm daily, for the time being, but we are making some changes.

Our staff and customers have been very cognizant of the need to wear a face covering, we have signage to encourage social distancing, and we are cleaning all high touch areas regularly. That will not change, and we will actually be doubling down on all cleaning protocols and continuing to enforce the mask mandate fully.

The additional measures we are taking at this time are as follows:

— If you’re familiar with our store you know we have a double door front entry with an enclosed vestibule. I have ordered some heavy duty door stops and the inside doors will, as soon as we receive them, be opened permanently to insure that customers entering and exiting the store are not in a small enclosed space (even for the briefest of time). This will, however slightly, also help increase ventilation of our space.

— We have had multiple hand sanitizer pumps available in our store since re-opening in June, but I am going to be adding an additional touchless hand sanitation station that will be positioned just inside the front door of the store. That’s likely going to take a little time to arrive, but it is on the way.

— We are also introducing new signage throughout the store to discourage customers touching display figures. Being able to touch and really see things like the blind box displays in our store has been something we have encouraged since we opened, but the times call for us to be more cautious.

— And, finally, we are reducing our maximum capacity at the store to 15 persons (including staff) at a time. The guidance from the city indicates we can operate with up to 40 people at a time in our space — we have been enforcing a lower 25 person limit since June — but we are reducing it even further out of an abundance of caution.

— This one isn’t a change, but I want to reiterate that we are not, and will not be holding any opening receptions for our art exhibits until such time it is safe to allow gatherings.

— While we have never stopped offering curbside pickup as an option, I will be looking at ways to make it more apparent and encourage customers to utilize it.

We will continue re-evaluate all of these changes and our ability to safely remain open on a regular basis. None of the above will affect our online store operations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please be safe and be well.

Kirby Kerr
Owner/Gallery Director

November 13, 2020


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