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Lyle Bean by Scott Tolleson - Black

Lyle Bean by Scott Tolleson - Black

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Mighty Jaxx proudly presents the first of the CO-LAB (colour-lab) line of interchangeable multicoloured vinyl toys, Lyle Bean by prolific toy designer Scott Tolleson. These 3.5" tall toys come with interchangeable parts which allow you to swap different coloured parts and create your own unique toy! These adorable creatures comes packaged in blister clam shell with a beautiful backing card. This is the black version of Lyle Bean.

The CO-LAB Series is created to form the ideal collection of designer figures based on the colors. CO-LAB releases are only available in Blue, Pink, Yellow and Black colorways. Imagine a toy display with different design styles but all in the same colour tone! What you get is a visual wonderland!

Everyone loves Lyle Bean. He believes that wearing argyle gives him the extra brain power he needs to keep up with his favorite subjects: Statistics, Biochemistry and Art History. In his free time, he enjoys playing retro video games, cup stacking and studying for tests. He looks up to his sister, Sayjo Bean. He wouldnít say ìnoî to a treat.


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