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Dumpster Friends Forever 2

Sometimes life is just a dumpster fire, but nothing stops you from making that into beautiful art!

We are super excited to announce that we will be hosting a new exhibit featuring 30+ artist-customized versions of the Dumpster Fire figure by 100% Soft, opening on Friday, July 1st. Trash turned to treasure!

Join us 6-8pm on opening day for first chance to purchase custom figures and meet Dumpster Fire creator Truck Torrence, plus a new limited edition variant release of the Dumpster Fire vinyl figure (more on that below)!

100% Soft Presents
Dumpster Friends Forever 2: A Dumpster Fire Customs Show
July 1-31, 2022
Rotofugi, 2780 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago

Opening Reception
Friday, July 1, 6-8pm

View the event on Facebook for a full artist lineup and RSVP for event updates.

This summer is going to be hot…garbage! The trashiest addition to any summer get together, it's the Dumpster Fried Chicken vinyl figure!

This limited edition Dumpster Fire comes with a crispy fried drumstick* embedded in flame and will be available for purchase for $32 during the opening of the Dumpster Friends Forever 2 show at Rotofugi where 100% Soft creator Truck Torrence will abe signing a limited amount. Nobody does trash like DFC!

* Do not eat drumstick, it is not real.

Online release of the Dumpster Fried Chicken on will follow shortly after the opening event. Stay tuned.

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June Exhibit: Atomik

Midwest Style Graffiti

New Works by ATOMIK
June 18-July 10, 2022

Get ready for some fresh squeezed awesomeness from legendary Miami-based writer ATOMIK who rolls through with some Midwest Style Graffiti for a new show in our gallery this month!

Join us beginning Saturday, June 18 at 10am for in-person viewing or sign up at for first opportunity to purchase online (in this case it will likely be after the opening date, though we'll be shooting to have it ready ASAP).

Exhibit continues through July 10 at Rotofugi, 2780 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago and will be viewable online at

About the Artist

Atomik is a 100 percent Miami artist. Atomik, trained in graphic design, is a big name in the Miami art scene. The graffiti legend, part of the infamous MSG crew, a group of local graffiti heroes, has been painting the city for quite some time.

While growing up in the emerging Miami graffiti scene of the 80’s, Atomik witnessed for himself at a young age what would later become his profession. Famous for his iconic orange character which emerged as a response to the demolition of the Miami Orange Bowl, the artist also marks the walls of Miami with his sleek hand-styles, graffiti and lettering.

While painting for almost 20 years, Atomik’s playful characters and hand styles have become as much a symbol of Miami as palm trees or neon lights. His unmistakable orange character has been placed all over the world bringing a piece of Miami to places such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Australia, Korea, and Thailand.

His studio pieces on media ranging from canvas to paper as well as found objects like street signs, directly reflect his street work and usually feature his ubiquitous orange character. Atomik currently lives and works in Miami.

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Blake Jones Toy Release & Signing

We are super excited to announce we'll be having an exclusive toy release and signing with Chicago-based artist Blake Jones on Sunday, June 5, beginning at 2pm!

We will have a Rotofugi Exclusive version of Blake's debut vinyl figure, Buny, produced by UVD Toys. A limited edition of just 75 figures, the "I Don't Get It" Edition of Buny is just as confused as you are about the state of the world right now.

Standing six inches tall, Buny will be available for $80. In addition, we will have an exclusive matching print by Blake available to purchase.

Rotofugi, 2780 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
Sunday, June 5, starting at 2pm

Online release of any remaining figures will be on at 6:30pm Central on June 5.

About the Artist

Blake Jones is a Chicago based artist. Blake’s use of graphic line work and bright color palettes illustrates narratives of complex worlds inhabited by his own iconic characters, objects, and landscapes. Blake’s work has been exhibited in multiple mediums and forms such as print, paintings, gallery exhibitions, sculptures, and murals.

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May Exhibit: Michael Fleming

Flora & Fauna
New Works by Michael Fleming
May 21-June 12, 2022

Michael Fleming, aka Tweedlebop, is back with an all new exhibit of paintings featuring his fantastical, fun, characters.

About the Artist

Michael Fleming has 15+ years of practical experience as a professional illustrator, working with both digital and traditional mediums. Specialities are children's media, character design and large cartoon heads.

He is taller than Abraham Lincoln.

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420 With Cherry Moth Cake

CELEBRATE 420 with your CHERRY MOTH CAKE pals and Rotofugi! 👀

We've paired up with our good friends Nick and Lindsay DiFabbio at Cherry Moth Cake to offer you a special 420 deal starting, puff, puff, pass and get ready!

Now, through the end of the month, anything Cherry Moth Cake that we have in stock (with one major exception, more on that below) is 42% OFF! That, my friends, is what you call a killer deal. Original art, pins, prints, t-shirts, and bandanas...all* 42% off.

* So...about that exception...pieces from the most recent CMC exhibit, Skullicious, and our exclusive Skully Ghost vinyl figure are what we're gonna call HALF-BAKED. They're still kinda fresh out of the oven, to mix our analogies, so instead of 42% off, they're 21% OFF. So, like a vape hit instead of dabs. 😉


42% OFF






21% OFF




Prices are good at both our store in Chicago at 2780 N. Lincoln Ave., or online at / Note: not all of the original artworks are currently on display, so if you're thinking OG, best to look online...and then, if you want to see anything in person before pulling the trigger, we'd be happy to show it to you in person.

Get on these deals before they go up in smoke...last day of the sale is Saturday, April 30!

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