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Sonny Angel 5

Sonny Angel 5" - Nippon Asagao - Elephant

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The 9th Sonny Angel Artist Collection is here! Nippon Asagao - Elephant

Don't call him a Kewpie® doll, he's Sonny Angel! Okay, looks just like a Kewpie Doll....but it's Japanese, where apparently Kewpie is also a mascot/brand name of mayonnaise. The miracle of Google search....and, to top it off, the town where I went to college had the Kewpie as their high school mascot, I kid not ... the Hickman HS Kewpies (Columbia, MO). Go figure.

Regardless, these are cute little baby angels (all boys) with various hats (but no pants, of course). Sooooper cute. 


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