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Pocket Aqua Ninja

Pocket Aqua Ninja

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The agility of a dolphin, the wits of an octopod, and as cute as a baby otter! A highly skilled Ninja, Pocket Aqua Ninja is the guardian of all things wet: even puddles.

Pocket Aqua Ninja Plush is 4 inches of flat fleecy Ninja goodness from the phenomenally fun world of Ninjatown, created by Chicago-based Shawnimals.

Built on kindness, ninja star-shaped cookies, and lightning-fast Stealth Hugs, Ninjatown hosts a variety of Wee Ninja characters who train all day and ninja all night.

Pocket Aqua Ninja rocks the underground lakes of Ninjatown in sporty blue fleece, embroidered facemask and red scuba tank. An elastic loop sprouting from his head is perfect for taking Pocket Aqua Ninja to any waterway where danger might lurk.


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