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Maple Cookie Print by Cindy Scaife

Maple Cookie Print by Cindy Scaife

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  • Brand: Cindy Scaife (CA)
  • Artist: Cindy Scaife (CA)
  • Edition: 100
  • Size: 10 x 12 inches

Based on an original painting created for her February 2017 solo exhibit in our gallery, Sweet Home Chicago, this tasty cookie snuck his way into the exhibit about Chicago's rich candy history thanks to Canadian artist Cindy Scaife. Welcome him and his cuddly bear friend into your home!

Giclée print with an image area of 8x10 inches on 10x12 paper. Edition of 100. Signed and numbered by the artist (not shown on preview image). Ships in a heavy duty Yazoo Mills tube.

About the Artist

Cindy Scaife was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and she graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD). For over 25 years Cindy has worked as a full-time professional artist, muralist and art educator. 

Cindy is greatly influenced by the art, design and advertising illustrations of the Atomic Age. Drawing heavily from the color palette and optimism of this era, Cindyʼs work reflects its own nostalgia and innocence. Cindy arrived at her style of art by way of the 1950ʼs advertising industryʼs development and use of the product mascot, an anthropomorphic character used to promote a companyʼs wares to a wide audience.

About the Exhibit

Sweet Home Chicago is a tribute to Chicago’s rich candy history. With this show Cindy continues her exploration of food and advertising mascots by creating anthropomorphic imagery that examines the origins, cultural influences, history and significance of a variety of food products.

While conducting extensive research into the food items that are specific and significant to the Chicago area, Cindy discovered the city’s unique and noteworthy connection to the confectionery industry. For over a century Chicago has been the candy manufacturing hub of the United States. With this exhibit, Cindy will be highlighting a selection of the candies that have become some of the most beloved and enduring sweets in the United States, all of which have Chicago roots.


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