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Labubu — Dance by Kasing Lung

Labubu — Dance by Kasing Lung

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  • Brand: How2Work (HK)
  • Artist: Kasing Lung (BE)
  • Height: 7 inches
  • Limit: One per Customer

Belgium-based Hong Kong-born artist Kasing Lung has been taking the art and designer toy worlds by storm with his wonderful cute but slightly sinister looking characters the last few years...and we're excited to have some of his collaborations with Hong Kong-based How2Work toys available now!

Labubu's sharp-toothed grin and open arms might send a mixed message, but there's no denying how cute this bunny is.

Please Note — This item may not be shipped to the following countries: China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan or Singapore. Thank you for your understanding.


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