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Juxtapoz - May 2014 #16

Juxtapoz - May 2014 #16

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So, I kind of have this theory that some things are better left up to the experts, and who better to describe this lovely issue of Juxtapoz, but the fine folks at Juxtapoz... so here is their description...

All year long, Juxtapoz is celebrating its 20th Anniversary by showcasing the pivotal figures in contemporary art over the past two decades. Some artists are blue chip, some are underground heroes, others are behind-the-scenes legends. This month, we honor one of the great artists from Los Angeles during our existence, Alexis Ross, who has been monumental in various landmark exhibitions including "Street Market" at Art In the Streets. From working with ESPO, TWIST, and REAS, or working on his own paintings, Ross' story is one of history, frankness, and colorful nostalgia.

May 2014 also includes:

A retrospective interview with one of the Mission School's most beloved artists, Chris Johanson
Catching up at the Boston ICA with Soundsuit-pioneer, Nick Cave
Punk artist Winston Smith opens his San Francisco studio for us
We stop by Winnie Truong's Toronto studio to see her newest works
Ryan de la Hoz teaches us about collage and abstraction
We give you a full recap of Juxtapoz Projects during SXSW
Robert Williams remembers his friend, Mike Kelley
Thomas Prior continues to be one of the great photographers of our time
ONLY NY does fashion the right way
Javas Lehn Studio remakes MoMA, Saturdays, and Tiny Empire
Brendan Monroe mixes science and art


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