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Juxtapoz - December 2014 - no.167

Juxtapoz - December 2014 - no.167

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So, I kind of have this theory that some things are better left up to the experts, and who better to describe this lovely issue of Juxtapoz, but the fine folks at Juxtapoz... so here is their description...

To celebrate Keith Haring's retrospective, "The Political Line," opening at the de Young Museum in San Francisco this Fall (November 8, 2014óFebruary 16, 2015), we are proud to close our 20th anniversary year with a cover story on one of the most influential and popular artists ever. Keith Haring is part graffiti, street art, fine art, activist, futurist, environmentalist, and came on the scene with one of the most original styles the world has ever, and will ever see.

Carlo McCormick reflects on a friend, and writes about the impact Keith has had over two decades after his untimely passing.

Also in December 2014:

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Michelle Blade goes cosmic
The classic erotic artist Hajime Sorayama gropes the dark
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And we go hang out with Andy Mueller to find the Quiet Life


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