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Juxtapoz - December 2010 #119

Juxtapoz - December 2010 #119

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So, I kind of have this theory that some things are better left up to the experts, and who better to descripe this lovely issue of Juxtapoz, but the fine folks at Juxtapoze... so here is their description...

Juxtapoz Magazine December 2010 Newsstand Cover #119

Sometimes, people call us to talk about our new issues a few days before we even see copies. In our humble attempt to be ahead of that curve, we just received copies of our December 2010 Juxtapoz, and here you are: esteemed Los Angeles-based fine artist James Jean is the cover of issue n119.

This particular piece comes from Jean's 2010 series of Moleskine illustrations , some of his most striking and technical work to date in our opinion. In real form, it's simple ink on paper, 10" x 9."

The December Juxtapoz, issue n119, features James Jean, George Lois, PEZ, Serena Mitnik-Miller, 123Klan, Sanrio's 50th Birthday, and Jason Alper.


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