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Juxtapoz - December 2009 #107

Juxtapoz - December 2009 #107

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So, I kind of have this theory that some things are better left up to the experts, and who better to descripe this lovely issue of Juxtapoz, but the fine folks at Juxtapoze... so here is their description...

Juxtapoz Magazine December 2009 Newsstand Cover #107

W To celebrate the closing of 2009, and our 15th year, we dedicated an entire issue to one of the most groundbreaking and influential collective movements of our existence: The Barnstormers. Edited by filmmaker, documentarian, and writer Joey Garfield (a Barnstormer himself), the issue covers both the past, present, and future of the collective, with an essay by Garfield on the evolution of the Barnstormers. Featuring cover artist Jose Parla, December also features Rostarr, ALIFE, Kenji Hirata, Mike Ming, Cannonball Press, West One, Doze Green, Kami, Sasu, Maya Hayuk, Swoon, the Inkheads crew, as well as an Insider piece on the founding father of the Barnstormers, David "Skwerm" Ellis. The Barnstormers crew is a key component to contemporary art. As a collective, they created some of the most amazing and essential work of the past decade, and as individual artists, they are defining a generation. What started in Cameron, North Carolina has become an international-renowned movement and moment. The story continues.


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