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Bride Tray  - Clip-On Uglydoll Universal

Bride Tray - Clip-On Uglydoll Universal

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  • Brand: Uglydolls (US)
  • Artist: David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim (US)
  • Height: 4 inches

Babo™, Ice-Bat™, OX™, Big Toe™, Tray™ and Wedgehead™ are headed to the Universal Studios lot stage 28! Legend says stage 28 is haunted, but the Uglys know itís filled with a rich history, wonderful memories and, word has it, a vending machine. But are they going in their street clothes? No way, especially since they donít own any! The Uglys are headed to Universal Studios in full UNIVERSAL MONSTER cosplay mode! Tray™ is going as the Bride of Frankenstein! As you may or may not know, Tray™ has three brains, one per lump. So she had to go and make three Bride of Frankenstein wigs! She really admires the bride for her sense of style, being very alive, and for having brains on loan.


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