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Black Pug - Small Plush

Black Pug - Small Plush

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  • Brand: Nerfect (US)
  • Artist: Mr. Walters (US)
  • Height: 5 1/2 inch

Your new friend stands 5 1/2” tall, and the artwork on this toy is digitally-printed using water-based pigment inks on 100% cotton, canvas linen. It is stuffed with 100% polyester fiber.

These stuffed toys are produced in limited numbers by the hands of Mr. Walters! Because of the handmade nature of these items, there might be slight differences between individual figures. These minor differences occur when the toy is stuffed and sewn up. 

Please note that this item was not designed for unsupervised use by children under 3 years of age, or animal friends.


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