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Big Whoop <i>Ruff Boiz</i> Print by Travis Millard & Michael Sieben

Big Whoop Ruff Boiz Print by Travis Millard & Michael Sieben

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Edition of 80 screen prints, numbered and signed by both artists.

In 2005, Travis Millard & Michael Sieben became friends via the US Post Office. The two of them mailed drawings back and forth, working on them collaboratively and ultimately creating a zine titled "Hitten Switches" which was published by Volcom in 2006. Ten years later, they decided to revisit this concept, each of them starting ten drawings which were mailed out and finished by the recipient. The collection serves to celebrate friendship and collaboration, and will hopefully be a reminder that in this digital age that it's nice to take a break from your screens, jot something down on paper and mail it to a buddy. If it fails to accomplish any of these goals, Big Whoop.

Printed by Industry Print Shop in Austin, Texas on heavy white stock for Big Whoop, A Collaborative Drawing Project by Travis Millard & Michael Sieben held at Rotofugi Gallery, July 17-August 9, 2015.

Click here for original art and additional information about the exhibit.


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