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Bad Hair Day Ice-Bat - Clip-on Uglydoll

Bad Hair Day Ice-Bat - Clip-on Uglydoll

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  • Brand: Uglydolls (US)
  • Artist: David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim (US)
  • Height: 4 inches

Ever have a bad hair day? Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Ever look in the mirror hours after you left the house and realize your hairdo is 7 feet tall and purple? Ice-Bat feels how you feel. You know how sometimes your hair just feels frozen? Like no matter how you try, it just wonít behave? Even if youíre 100% bald, you can have a bad hair day... itís a state of mind, and Ice-Bat is here to get up in your face a little bit and help you unfreeze your mind. Donít need a comb, because thereís no mess to fix. Wear it proud. Chill with Ice-Bat.


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