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Momiji Koalamama - 3 inch

Momiji Koalamama - 3 inch

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  • Brand: Momiji (UK)
  • Artist: Luli Bunny (ARG)
  • Height: 3 Inches

Sleep is one of the most enjoyable human necessities, a fact that Koalamama knows better than anyone, Even though She's only 3-Inches tall She'll watch over You to make sure that nothing disturbs Your rest after the stress from the day is done so that You can continue to shine on by morning, like the star You are! What a helpful Limited Edition friend

Momiji are message dolls made to keep your dreams and wishes safely tucked away from prying eyes. Cheerful and kind, these little rays of sunshine are dependable companions for all the dreamers in the world

Each Momiji is numbered and comes with a little slip of paper to write your heart's desires on that you can then store inside the bottom of your Momiji


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