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F-Bomb Plush
F-Bomb Plush
  • F-Bomb Plush
  • F-Bomb Plush

F-Bomb Plush

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Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the newest and best pinnacle of mankind… a stuffed profanity. This is a product for anyone who still enjoys the occasional fart joke or personal prank. The stuffed F-bomb is a great way to say America’s favorite word, even in polite company. Your gonna drop the F-bomb when you see how cool this F-bomb is, because as of now the F-bomb isn’t just something fun to say, it’s also something fun to play with. In case you still don’t understand, I’m gonna say it one more time… F-bomb!

1: Point front towards enemy.
2: Don't drop it.

Dimensions are 4.5” with a 4” cord. It is made of a soft black fleece, a red felt “F”, a soft white rope, and is stuffed with polyester fiberfill. It is handmade as well as washing machine and dryer safe.


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