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Starfleet IWG Series - Lt Commander Hannibal, The Gorilla

Starfleet IWG Series - Lt Commander Hannibal, The Gorilla

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Within the last year of storage, heat has had a minor affect on the adhesive glue of the Starfleet insignia. Please be aware that the insignia may become unattached from the figure's uniform, but can be re-affixed using a very small dab of gel crazy glue. Also, There is a bit of staining from the glue is visible on all the shirts.

Rocket World's line of IWG figures are based on a future when "mysterious and benign, extraterrestrial Astral Overseers put into motion their master plan to help tip the balance of certain inequities on planet earth." This plan involved the mutation of certain animals, giving them the intelligence and skills to help protect the planet, thus creating the "Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo."

The three animals of IWG have been re-imagined as Star Trek figures: Captain Titus, the bear, Commander Affonso, the rhino, and Lt. Commander Hannibal, the gorilla.

Originally released in 2010, these pieces are part of a limited edition and are available to retailers exclusively through DKE Toys Distribution. There are 300 figures per character.

Each figure is boxed and numbered individually. Each vinyl and PVC figure is 7" tall and articulated. All three figures come accessorized with Starfleet uniform shirt, Starfleet insignia, Type II phaser, communication, tricorder and mini plush Tribble.


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