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No Longer… by Kelly Pelka

No Longer… by Kelly Pelka

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  • Brand: Kelly Pelka (US)
  • Artist: Kelly Pelka (US)
  • Edition: Original Art
  • Size: 10 x 10 inches

Original Art

Acrylic on Wood, 10 x 10 inches

About the Artist 

Kelly lives and works in Chicago, IL.

Aside from working as an artist, she owns and operates Right-Brained Studio, the art of creative thinking!, a mobile youth art studio and gallery where I mentor youth artists ages 18 and under as well as curate shows of their work.  I’m also the founder, designer and co-owner of Re-Girl Apparel and Accessories, fashioning clothing and accessories from found/new materials and original art printed on fabric.

Using a combination of materials and surfaces such as found objects, wood, canvas, fabric, wallpaper, paper, paint, pencil, watercolor pencils, china markers, paint-pens, glitter, crayons, oil pastels, sharpies and whatever is appealing at the moment, I experiment and let the art happen…



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