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Nihon Dream by Jeremiah Ketner

Nihon Dream

Nihon Dream
New Works by Jeremiah Ketner
June 10-July 3, 2016 in the Rotofugi Main Gallery

Join us the evening of Friday, June 10, 7-10pm for the opening reception of Nihon Dream, New Works by Jeremiah Ketner. We'll have snacks, beverages and music by DJ Sean Doe and the artist will be in attendance to chat with fans.

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About the Artist

Jeremiah Ketner's paintings are instantly recognizable amongst his contemporaries in the pop surrealism movement. His early work, characterized by mischievous sprites and whimsical patterns, has evolved into lush, richly colored environments inhabited by a cast of pensive, dreamy young women. Each character presents a unique brand of beauty, created entirely within Jeremiah's imagination and painted completely from memory.

The sprites (which grace the walls of Nordstrom department stores nationwide) still appear as inspiration for custom wooden and vinyl toys. Bringing a three-dimensional surface to life is one of Jeremiah's favorite challenges; the intricate, colorful one-of-a-kind creatures are immensely popular amongst his collectors. 

Beyond the designer toy phenomenon, other aspects of Japanese culture — the fabrics and motifs, the meticulous taming of and tending to nature — provide an ever-flowing spring of insight, and Jeremiah travels there as often as possible. "I love the gardens," he says. "They do an amazing job of taking a small space and making it feel like a large environment." 

During one trip to Tokyo he observed, "Design in Japan is small and round," which became his mantra of sorts, an enigmatic interpretation of his overall aesthetic. "It loosely describes work from long ago, but I guess it's more of a pen name," says Jeremiah, whose Internet-savvy fans know to look for his "smallandround" persona for frequent updates and photographs of new art.

Jeremiah's pop culture-inspired style and unconventional creations have a traditional foundation. With his family's encouragement, he began formal art studies at the age of 12. He holds a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design and an MFA from Southern Illinois University. Jeremiah's paintings and toys have been featured in solo and group exhibitions galleries across North America and internationally. 

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Return to Carrara by Noferin


Return to Carrara
New Works by Noferin
June 10-July 3, 2016 in the Rotofugi Side Gallery

Join us the evening of Friday, June 10, 7-10pm for the opening reception of Return to Carrara, New Works by Noferin. We'll have snacks, beverages and music by DJ Sean Doe.

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About the Artists

Noferin (Candy and Nick Robertson) are a wife-and-husband team who love to create. From whimsical paintings, drawings, design and art direction, to writing and illustrating children’s books, Candy and Nick’s creations come in many forms.

Their distinctive style of art and design has led them to exhibit in leading galleries through the USA, Canada and Australia. Their artwork and toy designs have been features in numerous publications such as Hello Kitty, Hello Art (Abrams), Pictoplasma, The Garden of Eye Candy, The Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration (Collins Design), Dpi, Monument, Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz; are sold in museums, galleries and pretty shops; and have also been featured alongside Hello Kitty, Hot Wheels and on TV commercials for Orville Redenbacher Popcorn and the NFL.

Candy and Nick live amongst tall trees, hidden valleys and treasure-filled beaches on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia. They make most of their creations in the cooler months.


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The Book of Hugs and The Little Book of Butts Signing and Q&A with Attaboy

Join us the evening of Tuesday, May 24, 6-8pm for a special signing and Q&A session with artist, toy designer and Hi-Fructose magazine co-founder Attaboy!

Attaboy will be signing his guide to awkwardly squeezing someone with affection, The Book of Hugs, as well as his newest release, The Little Book of Butts, plus we’ll have available a selection of rare, hard to find issues of Hi-Fructose!

The Book of Hugs, featuring way too many pages of hilariously illustrated uncomfortable embraces, is stupid fun with ridiculous heart. Get tips on Who to Hug, How to Hug, When Not to Hug and the very important Who NOT to Hug, plus a guide to the Necessary Equipment Needed For Hugging! The book is 6x6 inches, hardcover, 80 pages and will be available for $14.95.

Attaboy’s newest release, The Little Book of Butts, is a perfect guide to the padded flesh flaps we've all come to know and love; a very funny, often esoteric and very strange and sometimes profound humor book about, umm, butts! The 6x6 inch, 48 page softcover book was published in a limited edition of just 750 signed and numbered copies, so if you like butts, and let’s face it, who doesn’t like butts, be sure to come to this one night only event and get a copy for just $5.95!

We’ll start the night, 6-7pm, with a Q&A session where you can ask Attaboy almost anything about hugs, butts, publishing an internationally renowned art magazine or well, anything! Then from 7-8pm Attaboy will sign and doodle in your new books, a perfect end to a fun evening!

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Robots Are Go! by Mike Bell

We've had one of Mike Bell's paintings, purchased from DvA Gallery before we merged operations with them, hanging in our living room for the better part of the last decade. It remains, to this day, one of our favorites. 

Having lived with Mike's art so closely I'm not entirely sure why we haven't done an exhibit with him before now, but I'm happy to say we'll be making up for lost time with a full gallery solo exhibit by this talented Atlantic City, New Jersey-based artist!

Join us the evening of Friday, May 13, 7-10pm for the opening of Robots Are Go!, New Works by Mike Bell.

Born and raised at the Jersey Shore, Mike Bell’s artwork blends an aura of nostalgia and humor, combined with vivid color and a combination of influences. Iconic New Jersey images, vintage toys, punk rock, classic monsters, Japanese cartoons and carnival imagery are among the cultural forces that have shaped his art. The juxtaposition of counterculture with modern day influences are the blueprint for Bell’s 
canvases. His paintings have broad powerful strokes but small details are not to be overlooked. This leaves a hazy distinction between cartoony and illusionistic. The outcome is a world where the weird is wonderful and the inhuman is alive.

His artwork has been shown in galleries throughout the world, primarily in the U.S. but recently in Ontario and Frankfurt, Germany. He was featured in the recently published book Edgy Cute by Mark Batty Publishing, New York. Mike’s “matchbook art” is currently touring the Ripley’s “Believe it or Not” Museums.

Mike will be in attendance at the opening so stop by and chat with him while listening to tunes spun by DJ Sean Doe and snacking on free cookies!

Exhibit continues through June 5, 2016.

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Baby Fatts Custom Toy Exhibit

We're super happy to have a chance to work with one of designer toys biggest and most vocal fans and someone we're proud to call a friend, Colin Hoffman, aka Big C.

Join us the evening of Friday, May 13, 7-10pm for the opening reception of a custom toy exhibit featuring artist customized versions of Big C's first figure, Baby Fatts!

See what artists like 2PetalRose, NC Winters, FrankMontano, kOmega, Eos, Big C and more do with Big C's adorable baby dragon and get first shot at picking up the Rotofugi exclusive Smoke Grey Baby Fatts.

Big C will be in attendance at the opening so stop by and meet the man, listen to DJ Sean Doe spin and enjoy a complimentary beverage and tasty snacks!

Exhibit continues through June 5, 2016.

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